Ethical Practice

The WA Youth Work Code of Ethics, was developed by the WA Youth Sector in a process facilitated by the Youth Affairs Council of WA in 2003. This code has since been used as a founding document for Youth Work WA.

At the End of 2012, almost 10 years after its first creation, Youth Work WA (then the WA Association of Youth Workers) began to work with YACWA to review the code. Over two years, through consultation with more than 70 youth workers in the sector, and working with preeminent youth worker Andrew Cummings, the code was updated for 2014.

On the 7th November, the Youth Sector gathered celebrate the launch of the WA Youth Work Code of Ethics. Developed with the assistance of Andrew Cummings the new materials include:

The Code remains the joint intellectual property of the Youth Affairs Council of WA and Youth Work WA.