WA Youth Work Awards 2015

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Awards Sponsors: the Central Institute of Technology, the Youth Affairs Council of WA, the City of Swan

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FpJBWxktZsDFB-fLPYB8weWXtoLQBX8-wWMkM_mtkXkBelinda’s Youth Work experience and dedication spans near on 20 years. Belinda’s professional background originated in 1995, where she commenced a Bachelor of Social Sciences Youth Work Degree at ECU Joondalup. Her front-line experience was launched when she began as a relief Community Outreach worker for Step One Inner City Street Work Program after completing her university placement with them. In 1998, Belinda was employed by Stand By me Youth Service (WA) Inc. to develop relevant programs and resources for young people in the Lockridge/Beechboro region. In October 1999, Belinda joined the City Of Swan as a Youth and Community Engagement Officer where she developed her love for street based work and assisted in the development of the Youth Outreach Service for Swan.  Since 2011, Belinda has held various roles within Local Government Youth Development team, more recently accepting the Youth and Community Development Officer for Altone and Ballajura. She is also an Off Campus Sessional Tutor within the ECU Youth Work degree.  Her remarkable reputation among colleagues has come from years of adhering to and role-modelling an uncompromising best practice youth work regime. Belinda is highly committed to the professionalization of Youth Work and has been an active member of the WAAYW committee since 2010.

Belinda is an enthusiastic and high-spirited youth worker who, although is known throughout the WA sector, has never boasted or self-promoted all that she has accomplished for young people or for the industry itself. Her remarkable reputation among colleagues has come from years of adhering to and role-modelling an uncompromising best practice youth work regime. Belinda has a unique ability to be able to relate to all people within the community. In one event or meeting I have witnessed Belinda articulating the importance of inclusion of young people in community to a local MP or Councillor/Executive and the next minute interacting and engaging with young people, parents and local residents. Belinda is able to back up her practical abilities with her philosophy and abilities to transcribe this into policy and procedures 







Wuw75Z3b63iu4Rv12IxgZ1nMVe4WEvfr956uJZxYX4QJethro has been a qualified youth worker since 2001. Jethro is currently one of Australias leading youth work managers and leaders.  Jethros greatest achievement is the planning, development and implementation of the Foyer Oxford project, an internationally recognised model of best practice in youth homelessness service delivery. Jethros most considerable results as Youth Work Leader are evidenced in the leadership that he provided to the WA Association of Youth Workers between 2010 and 2014 as the Chair of the Association. In his time as Chair Jethro has led the Association to review and develop the WA Code of Ethics for Youth Workers and develop Youth Work Week, dramatically increasing membership, and increasing the profile of the Association. As a result of his work with WAAYW, WA is perceived as a national leader in moving toward professionalization of youth work in Australia. In 2013 Jethro was named one of the WA Business News 40 under 40 for his work in the community 

Jethro fosters and inspires high quality youth work practice through his leadership of youth work practice and through advocating for the recognition of youth work as a profession in WA. Jethro is a good-humoured, compassionate and inspiring youth work leader who empowers his staff to extend themselves in their work with young people. He defends the youth work role and communicates clearly its purpose. He’s achievements for Foyer Oxford are undeniably outstanding. His leadership and passion for youth work is most evident by his seven year commitment to WAAYW. He has led the Association to be recognised as an international leader in moving toward the professionalization of youth work.

Special Commendation


TNVJwZV407caVu3mAexHiG95Whwg3dHw046Of7_I0hEGeorge has been a youth worker for close to sixty years. George was one of the first people to float the detached youth work methodology in WA. He was the driving force behind the Perth Inner City Youth Service, which established street work in the inner city area using detached youth work methodologies and piloted a range of services which provided a set of models for fundable youth work in International Youth Year. He was a founding member of YACWA, YACCOM, WANADA, Palmerston, Earthwise, Hedland Community Youth Service, Cunderdin Youth Service and the Juvenile Justice Network. George is well known for being an indefatigable media commentator, prepared to take to the microphone and tell the truth come what may. Politicians could not get away with trying to make unfair changes for young people without knowing that George would be there and that his voice would be loud. George demonstrates commitment and perseverance in a field where the career prospects can be uncertain and the monetary rewards uncompetitive, George has persevered through adversity and success.

George is a youth work institution in Western Australia. George’s long tenure in the role of Youth Consultant with the Uniting Church in WA provided the platform for a long career of care and advocacy for young people and for the inspiration of several generations of youth workers in Perth. He was a controversial figure: his employing organisation was always torn about his preference for young people outside the church, his often public advocacy on issues such as drug reform, homelessness and the injustices the criminal justice system and his occasional disregard for niceties. He worked too hard, could sometimes be irascible, but his loyalties were never in doubt and he is dearly loved both by the young people he worked with and the colleagues who had the privilege of his company. If you know George you would know of his unbelievable commitment and work ethic, his uncompromising loyalty to young people and his Courage in the face of public opposition.






5u_Vs2KLdH6y2XNdu00fc_w4iqSVUKO89KX6kz0g1XQJemma joined the Youth Futures Crisis accommodation team as a student earlier this year demonstrating excellent skills in Youth Work, because of this Jenna has been offered a part time position in the shift work team. Since starting as a student at Youth Futures in the Drug Education program and the crisis Accommodation program, Jemma has been working directly with homeless young people. Jemma is demonstrating professional maturity beyond her years. She is confident and able to work with some very challenging young people, recently being confronted with very unique situations such as aggression, violence, self-harm and suicide attempts. In each of these scenarios Jemma has responded with exceptional boundaries, appropriate empathy and great skills. Jemma’s capacity to work within policy is commendable. The most refreshing skill Jemma displays at this stage in her youth work career is that of self-reflection in supervision. She is able to reflect clearly and appropriately on her work which is contributing to her constant development. Due to the above Jemma has been swiftly offered a part time role in the crisis accommodation program at Youth Futures and is once again excelling within the role. It is exciting and inspiring to have Jemma in the team.

Since starting as a student at Youth Futures in the Drug Education program and also in the crisis Accommodation program, Jemma has been working directly with homeless young people. Jemma is demonstrating professional maturity beyond her years. She is confident and able to work with some of the most challenging young people. Jemma also has volunteered with St Vincent de Paul society since 2010 taking young people on recreational camps. Jemma was quickly promoted to camp facilitator due to the team recognising her great skills and responsibilities. Jemma is an exciting and inspirational team member and her skills contribute to achieving positive outcomes with homeless young people on a daily basis. 






DR_VlHuysNQdqJgjrca6okMGVd2TIbq3WuStKR13eBcJohn Mogridge has been a key voice within City of Swan for the last 10 years for local Indigenous young people to be provided opportunities feel a part of the community and in ways that highlight the positive contribution young people make.  In his work within the community and with young people, John became aware that for a lot of the young people and their families from Aboriginal heritage, there was a real lack of knowledge of the traditional cultural and even a disconnect to identity. Through his own self-exploration he has developed workshops that showcase the stories from pre-colonisation period, in a way that young people can connect, value and are encouraged to self-reflect. This cultural awareness education has been delivered to youth centres and now being offered within some of the schools in the area. John supports programs and opportunities that provide a diverse range of opportunities for young Indigenous people to participate in community life and recognise that opportunities need not and should not solely be for Indigenous young people or solely related to issues affecting Indigenous young people.  In his role at the City of Swan he plays an advisor role to the City to inclusively represent the voices of community, understanding of whom the community are and the identified issues that will shape organisational planning. He also represents and advocates for action that aims to change opinions and approaches of authorities, which will have direct impact for young people in particular Indigenous young people across a number of reference groups.