Champions for Youth Work WA are important assets and contributors to our work, and are amazing people within the Youth Work sector that are keen to promote the goals of Youth Work WA, and who may have services, skills, assets or resources to offer the committee or the members of Youth Work WA.

If you want to know more about the role of our Champions, then download the information sheet below. If you are interested in supporting our work, then please get in touch.


• A person in the Youth Work sector or wider community that is eager to promote the goals and work of Youth Work WA, who may have services, skills, or resources to offer the Youth Work WA committee and its members.

• A Champion for Youth Work WA may be called upon to promote certain events such as Youth Work Week or the WA Youth Work Awards, or to champion the work of Youth Work WA in promoting professional Youth Work.

• A Champion for Youth Work WA is an important asset and contributor to the work of Youth Work WA, but is not required to become a committee member, attend ongoing meetings, or be eligible for Full Membership.

The Champions for Youth Work WA are a diverse range of people across many sectors, who believe in the importance of a professional youth work sector. The thing they have in common is a commitment to ensuring that young people receive the highest quality, most inclusive service from every youth worker they meet, with the knowledge that every youth worker shares a common Code of Ethics that underpins an equally diverse range of practices. Read on to find out about just some of the areas of our work that our Champions support.

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